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short clips

This is where you'll find the tiniest clips I pull from my larger tapes. These are the "diamonds in the rough" from tapes that are too boring, too personal, or just too awful to post in full.

Grandma hates her birthday party

Meemaw just wants to go home. From a home video labeled "EASTER SUNDAY (4-15-90) AND moms 81st birthday"

Son's Surprise Christmas Visit

A family gets a surprise Christmas visit from their son. I've always found this clip really heartwarming, and it's part of the reason I act all creepy and watch other people's home movies.

The Patriotic Parrot

"Squawk, Polly wants life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Part of another cute home video, where a man shows off his new color camcorder while taking his family on a roadtrip.

Old white people disco dancing for 6 minutes straight

Part of a longer tape that I'll be uploading soon. Check out Austin Powers, two coked out lunatics in white, and some old ladies who really just want to be left alone.

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